Front Gardens & Yards

Successful front garden design requires significant skill and thoughtful attention to detail, as the prime focus is with realising a space which sits perfectly and without interruption or intrusion in the existing surrounding areas, whether public or private. Consideration must be given to how a space interacts with both elements, but without needlessly dividing them.

Instead a front garden or yard should unite both distinct domains. A front garden might often be more restrained than a rear space, as the former plays a vital role in setting a first impression to everyone who accesses or simply takes notice of your home. It is this impression which ensures the unique status and priority of front gardens generally, a privilege mirrored in their capacity to maximise the potential of any home by immediately establishing our engagement with it.

The styles in which this can be achieved are endless, but our concern is with ensuring a sympathetic and coherent vision is reached. A front space should welcome and encourage us towards the heart of the house, so making guests unfamiliar with an entrance keen to explore more of what a confident front space suggests. With Langlea as your partner you can be sure that, whatever the scale of your front space, it sits composed with the immediate area and sets a tone appropriate to how your home presents both itself and its occupants.



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