Garden Design

It is crucial for a given design choice to seamlessly integrate the outdoors with the indoors, and all chosen materials with their immediate surroundings, which means that every stage of a design and construction process must be meticulously considered. We are experts in simplifying this process, and specialise in taking on clients who are looking for a total overhaul of their current space.

For design to succeed, it must be coherent, or sensitive to its location. Ourselves and our clients closely depend on one another when discussing design choices, as collaboration is important in ensuring smooth and coherent progress. Approaches vary depending on the situating and dimensions of the space to be designed, and we are experienced in many different scales, from micro design right up to extensive front of house regenerations.

A qualified designer will be present on-site throughout the entire life of a project, as their job does not end once sketches have been agreed on, and their input can be just as invaluable on a site specific basis when exposed to 3D elements. We also have affiliations with many local architects and have worked alongside them on plans for housing developments, exclusive properties, parks, playgrounds and other multi-purpose sites. As our portfolio shows though, our regular briefs are in the regeneration of urban residential sites, whether large or small.

Case studies


Courtyard For The Senses

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English Rose


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Thai Forest

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Garden Construction

Our in-house construction team are a ‘family’ of dedicated garden professionals that have worked together for many years. The majority of our designs include bespoke features so require our skill and experience to construct them to the high standard they deserve.


Even the smallest area can benefit from a sympathetic landscaping overhaul, and pocket-sized spaces present a unique challenge which we are well equipped to match. While our focus tends towards carrying out a complete garden makeover that makes full use of our integrated approach, we can still carry out occasional basic landscaping projects.

Small Garden Design

As local residents are all too aware of, space can be at a premium in Brighton and Hove, but we are particularly successful at making restrictive spaces appear bigger than they really are, so opening them out to their fullest and often surprising capabilities.

Courtyards & Backyards

If there is one aspect in which the Langlea name has truly established itself, then it’s with our work in the often full-scale reconstruction of what must be our favourite types of spaces to renew, and we’re fortunate that Brighton and Hove presents us with a diverse range of scales and challenges.

Front Gardens & Yards

Successful front garden design requires significant skill and thoughtful attention to detail, as the prime focus is with realising a space which sits perfectly and without interruption or intrusion in the existing surrounding areas, whether public or private.

Town Gardens

Town gardens can be more contemporary or classic in style depending upon the interior design. Often many different uses and different experiences are required from this medium sized space.

Large Gardens

A strong but simple design concept is required to make in an impact in a large garden. Durability and maintenance must be considered at the outset so the garden is built to last.

Roof Terraces

All areas of a building present unique design and construction challenges, but perhaps none more so than roof terraces. A terrace with a stunning aspect often requires a light touch so far as landscaping is concerned, as a beautiful view already takes pride of place.

Swimming Pool Landscaping

Swimming pool landscaping requires skill and knowledge to integrate paving, copings, pool cover, diving boards and planting. Paving and edgings need to be pleasurable to walk upon barefoot and safe for all users.