We're an award-winning, fully integrated garden design and construction company run by a husband and wife team.

The founders, Leandros and Francesca, are both highly qualified in horticulture, garden design and landscape architecture, and use their shared background to conceptualise and deliver striking and contemporary gardens.

Lea also has a background in landscape construction and project management, which adds breadth to our suite of services. We value loyalty and open collaboration between our staff and partners, and take great pride that our site foreman has spent over 10 years with the company. He shares the responsibility of having steered Langlea to its current position as a prominent, distinct and trustworthy business.

Going the extra mile

We think of ourselves as a family, and we engender a close-knit atmosphere of care and consideration not just amongst ourselves but also with our clients. We are committed to this principle, as we feel that courteous and welcoming working conditions help relax people and bring out the best in them, and we are delighted that many of our former clients have become close personal friends.

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Our team

Francesca Sideris

Design & Office Director

Francesca has over 20 years experience as a designer with a background in Landscape Architecture and Urban Design. Francesca’s passion has always been designing for people. She strives to achieve individuality for every single project and continues to innovate on a daily basis impressing industry peers and award judges.

Unique talent: an innate ability to interpret what clients want in their own personal style.

Leandros Sideris

Construction Director

Leandros has over 25 years experience in garden design, construction, project management and horticulture. Leandros makes Francesca’s innovative ideas happen at the absolute highest quality level. He has meticulous attention to detail and strives for perfection.

Unique talent: charismatic, friendly, extremely passionate and will bend over backwards to give our clients the gardens of their dreams.

Construction Team

Our construction team shares a wealth of experience in landscaping, construction and horticulture. They are highly skilled in what they do and relish in the enjoyment of making each one of our unique projects come to life. 

Unique talents: attention to detail, friendly, trustworthy, such a pleasure to have around our clients have missed them when they have left the site.

Office Team

Our office team is hard at work in the background connecting design, construction and administration to ensure our clients have a pleasurable and stress free experience throughout the life of their projects. 

Unique talents: creative yet systematic, always on hand for whatever our clients need.

Example of a striking and contemporary garden design
The complete service

Garden Design

It is crucial for a given design choice to seamlessly integrate the outdoors with the indoors, and all chosen materials with their immediate surroundings, which means that every stage of a design and construction process must be meticulously considered.

Garden Construction

Our in-house construction team are a ‘family’ of dedicated garden professionals that have worked together for many years. The majority of our designs include bespoke features so require our skill and experience to construct them to the high standard they deserve.


Even the smallest area can benefit from a sympathetic landscaping overhaul, and pocket-sized spaces present a unique challenge which we are well equipped to match. While our focus tends towards carrying out a complete garden makeover that makes full use of our integrated approach, we can still carry out occasional basic landscaping projects.

Small Garden Design

As local residents are all too aware of, space can be at a premium in Brighton and Hove, but we are particularly successful at making restrictive spaces appear bigger than they really are, so opening them out to their fullest and often surprising capabilities.

Courtyards & Backyards

If there is one aspect in which the Langlea name has truly established itself, then it’s with our work in the often full-scale reconstruction of what must be our favourite types of spaces to renew, and we’re fortunate that Brighton and Hove presents us with a diverse range of scales and challenges.

Front Gardens & Yards

Successful front garden design requires significant skill and thoughtful attention to detail, as the prime focus is with realising a space which sits perfectly and without interruption or intrusion in the existing surrounding areas, whether public or private.

Town Gardens

Town gardens can be more contemporary or classic in style depending upon the interior design. Often many different uses and different experiences are required from this medium sized space.

Large Gardens

A strong but simple design concept is required to make in an impact in a large garden. Durability and maintenance must be considered at the outset so the garden is built to last.

Roof Terraces

All areas of a building present unique design and construction challenges, but perhaps none more so than roof terraces. A terrace with a stunning aspect often requires a light touch so far as landscaping is concerned, as a beautiful view already takes pride of place.

Swimming Pool Landscaping

Swimming pool landscaping requires skill and knowledge to integrate paving, copings, pool cover, diving boards and planting. Paving and edgings need to be pleasurable to walk upon barefoot and safe for all users.

Our Ethos

Here at Langlea, we like to think of ourselves as a family, and we engender a close-knit atmosphere of care and consideration not just amongst ourselves, but also with the clients we work for. We are committed to this principle, as we feel that courteous and welcoming working conditions help to relax people and bring out the best in them, and we are delighted that many of our former clients have become close personal friends.

This happens due to our honest and fair treatment of people at all levels, and our absorption of client briefs, which become very important to us too, for as much as we set out to enjoy our work, we take our commissions seriously. Each brief is as different as the client behind it though, and we recognise that our level of input may vary. We remain flexible to the complexity of your plans, and put your needs foremost in our minds at all times.

We will not compromise the quality of our materials and construction specifications, and tailor each of our designs to the individual client. While we aim to be competitive, our quotes may sometimes not be the cheapest, but they are always representative of our combined costs and degree of involvement.

We’d rather not be appointed to a job than carry it out half-heartedly, but we feel the results speak for themselves when we are. We encourage you to take a look at our portfolio of bespoke commissions on this site, and look forward to turning your imagined garden space into a vivid reality.