It is crucial for a given design choice to seamlessly integrate the outdoors with the indoors, and all chosen materials with their immediate surroundings, which means that every stage of a design and construction process must be meticulously considered. We are experts in simplifying this process, and specialise in taking on clients who are looking for a total overhaul of their current space.

For design to succeed, it must be coherent, or sensitive to its location. Ourselves and our clients closely depend on one another when discussing design choices, as collaboration is important in ensuring smooth and coherent progress. Approaches vary depending on the situating and dimensions of the space to be designed, and we are experienced in many different scales, from micro design right up to extensive front of house regenerations.

A qualified designer will be present on-site throughout the entire life of a project, as their job does not end once sketches have been agreed on, and their input can be just as invaluable on a site specific basis when exposed to 3D elements. We also have affiliations with many local architects and have worked alongside them on plans for housing developments, exclusive properties, parks, playgrounds and other multi-purpose sites. As our portfolio shows though, our regular briefs are in the regeneration of urban residential sites, whether large or small.

3D Sketch Design Drawings

High quality 3D visuals of the design so you can really experience the space.


Masterplan Drawings

A 2D scaled colour drawing showing in detail all aspects of the design for construction including planting with associated planting schedule.