Roof Terraces

All areas of a building present unique design and construction challenges, but perhaps none more so than roof terraces. A terrace with a stunning aspect often requires a light touch so far as landscaping is concerned, as a beautiful view already takes pride of place. Instead, all design choices should be understood as being in support of the main event, rather than taking attention away from it.

Despite this, there remains plenty to pay attention to. Durable materials and appropriate planting choices must be carefully made, in order for them both to withstand the harsh and abrasive weather conditions they are likely going to be exposed to. More technically, though still firmly within our comfort zone, specialist construction techniques are required for structural and maintenance reasons, should a more thorough landscaping project still be wanted. These play a critical function in ensuring that safety concerns aren’t compromised, and that your comfort is equally maintained.

Having a terrace grants the ideal opportunity of combining the outdoors with the indoors, and the simplicity of their design details encourages their tendency towards low-maintenance, so freeing more time to enjoy one in the best imaginable way, which is in the pursuit of contemplation. Artificial planting is one method of easing any unnecessary obligation to tending materials.







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