Courtyards & Backyards

If there is one aspect in which the Langlea name has truly established itself, then it’s with our work in the often full-scale reconstruction of what must be our favourite types of spaces to renew, and we’re fortunate that Brighton and Hove presents us with a diverse range of scales and challenges. We like to treat the design of rear space as it being another room to utilise in much the same manner as the indoor living areas.

This fluid merging of the indoor and outdoor is synonymous not just with the aims of our company, but also how we envision the ideal coastal home to function and appear. The tendency towards privacy as found more in rear spaces allows an unrivalled opportunity to create a garden with a tranquil atmosphere, one that promotes peace and serenity in all who spend time unwinding in it. Private space gives a user the time to pause and reflect, and to do so in a space which stimulates relaxation through very deliberate planting, landscaping and design choices.

This is an investment that provides unmatched satisfaction in both the immediate and long term. Just think of a rear garden that invites yourselves and guests to linger outside in the summer months as comparable with owning a classic convertible car – it makes you feel good all year around, but comes into its own in an unrivalled way when the sun shines.

Victorian Flavour


Courtyard For The Senses


Contemporary Classic


Pocket Oasis